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The woodturnings found in this website are constructed using segmented design.  Segmented woodturnings are constructed from two pieces to several hundred pieces of wood glued together in interesting patterns. The outside patterns usually go completely through the woodturning. The wood is all naturally colored except for a couple noted examples. I use mostly highly figured domestic wood, like maple and ash burls, and combine with exotic wood, like bloodwood and ziricote. Some of my woodurnings are made from solid wood burls inset with turquoise stone chips with exotic wood rims and bases. To view examples of my work, use the above Menu or click on the following links to visit my Bowls, Vases, Lidded Containers, or Miscellaneous pages.


This Segmented Ring Maker App will do design calculations for all three types of miter rings, Compound Miter, Frame (flat) Miter, and Stave Miter, as well as Open Segment. This App is designed is designed for iPhone and iPad but will work on most devices and Smartphones that can view the internet. This App will also work on BOTH Apple and Windows computers.  All you need is a internet connection to run the App.  On iPhones, the App can be used Off-Line when not connected to the internet, just like any phone App. For more information use the above Menu or click on the following link: RingMaker.

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It may take several days to several weeks to complete a woodturning due to its complexity and glue drying time. I use a table saw to cut kiln-dried lumber into segments, then glue the segments into rings, next glue the rings into stacks. I use a wood lathe to hand-cut and sand the ring-stack assembly smooth inside and outside.  The finish is numerous spray coats of crystal clear lacquer. Visit The Studio to see my tools and work area. I design my woodturnings using a pencil and paper but I figure out how to build my designs using a computer. See the software I use to help construct my woodturnings on the PC Software page or the RingMaker App page.

All woodturnings shown on this website are "one of a kind" and may be sold at any time. Similar pieces can be made on a commission basis but will never be exactly the same due to differences in the wood.

Fellow woodturners might be interested in some of the other pages on my website (click the links or use the above Menu): No Math Method and a PC Method are instruction pages about designing segmented bowls. Basic Frame Miter and Compound Miter are instruction pages showing the photo sequence of construction steps for making two types of segmented bowls. Frame Miter Sled and  Compound Miter Sled are plans for constructing accurate ring-segment cutting sleds for a table saw. Tools and Jigs shows several interesting home-made tools I use in my studio. Links page has links to websites of other segmented woodturners as well as tool and information websites that I recommend. 

My name is Kevin Neelley and I live in Lenexa, Kansas. I am a member of the Kansas City Woodturners Association, which is a local chapter of the American Association of Woodturners. I am also a member of the Segmented Woodturners internet group. I have made nearly seven hundred woodturned bowls, vases, platters and other objects in the twenty-five years as a woodturner. Thank you for visiting my website. If you have any comments or are interested in purchasing my work, please visit E-Mail & Comments.

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