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Woodturning Information Websites:
American Association of Woodturners
Art of Woodturning and Other Hobbies
AAW Arizona Chapter
More Woodturning Magazine
International Wood Collectors Society
Kansas City Woodturners Association
Peninsula Woodturners Guild (Aus)
Woodturning (and Door and Hardware) Resources
Woodturns Resources for Woodturning
Tools and Supplies:
Arizona Silhouette crushed stone for inlay
BestWoodTools woodturning tools and accessories
Clark Steady Rest The Oklahoma Spin Doctor steady rest and deep hollowing system < I have both. 
Craft Supplies USA tools and supplies
D-Way Tools Dave has some great tools here, especially beading tools < I have the set.
Ecogate automatic blast gates for dust collector
Fintech Industrial Abrasives good supplier of quality open-coat sandpaper, belts and tool rolls
Highland Hardware tools and supplies
Merit Industries Behlen jet-spray lacquer & sanding sealer < Best buy in the USA 
Packard Woodworks tools and supplies
Robert Sorby Tools lathe tools
Robust Lathes Robust lathes and accessories
Rubber Chucky Products Don Doyle's chucking inventions for sale < I use the Rubber Chucky often.
The ToolPost lathe tools velcro-backed sanding disks < The Best IMO
Vermec Tools lathe tools including tailstock swivel attachment
Vicmarc Machinery Vicmarc lathes and accessories
Woodcraft tools and supplies
Wood Products from Don Pencil Scorpion hollowing tool < Great Buy
Woodcut Tools proforme hollowing tool
Wood Sources:
Ancient Kauri Kingdom ancient kauri information (New Zealand)
Constantines veneer and decorative inlay source 
Eisenbrand Hardwoods exotic lumber source
Exotic Burl big leaf maple burl
Gilmer Wood Company figured exotic woods
Pacific Hardwoods ancient kauri North American supplier
Randle Woods curly and quilted maple
Internet Wood-related Newsgroups and Clubs:
AAW Segmented Woodturners Forum The BEST seg,mented woodturners resource
Kansas City Woodturners My local woodturning club (a great club)
Creative Woodturners Yahoo segmented and stave club
Segmented Woodturning Reference Material:
The Art of Segmented Wood Turning: A Step-By-Step Guide by Malcolm Tibbetts.  Malcolm's book should be on every segmented woodturner's bookshelf.  Highly recommended. and other sell it.

Fixtures and Chucks for Woodturning by Doc Green.  Highly recommended.  Doc's book has it all as a reference book.  You will refer to it over and over again. 

Beyond Basic Turning by Jack Cox.  Has some good ideas. and others sell it.

Segmented Lathe Bowl Plan Ray Allen shows how to build a Southwestern inspired bowl. This is a WOOD Magazine reprint. Very good article. April 1989 issue.  Nice design.

Laminated Designs in Wood by Clarence Rannfeld.  This book is not for the meek.  Has some very good ideas. and others sell it.

Polychromatic Assembly for Woodturning by Emmett E. Brown and Cyril Brown. and others sell it.

Segmented Turning: A Complete Guide by Ron Hampton.  Ron's book is great for beginning and intermediate segmented woodturners. and others sell it.

Segmented Wood Turning by William Smith.  Bill's book is mostly about open segment bowl construction and is well worth reading. and others sell it.

Woodturning with Ray Allen: A Master's Designs and Techniques for Segmented Bowls & Vessels by Dale Nish. Dale has written a wonderful book about Ray Allen, the segmented turning master. A must have. and others sell it.
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