The Woodturnings
George "Sonnie" Sharrar


Mr. Sharrar has been making segmented woodturnings in Independence, Missouri, for many of his 90 years. He is considered by his peers to be one of the best at his craft. I have known Sonnie for much of my woodturning career and have been inspired by his knowledge and creativity. He makes every effort to make each woodturning unique, even though he has made over five hundred woodturnings over the years.  I made this website others could enjoy Sonnie's creativity.

These web pages will give you an idea of the scope and variety of Sonnie's woodturnings.  If you would like to email Sonnie, his address is

Site by Kevin Neelley

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Click on any photo for an enlarged view.

#495 Tri-color laminate, oak

#498 Brown laminate, maple

#499 From locust log

#500 Locust, walnut, red trim

#501 Ash, walnut, maple, zig-zag

#502 Ebony, maple

#503 Cherry, walnut

#504 Ash, walnut, petal design

#505  Walnut, red trim

#506 Chakte vega, ash

#507 Bocote, ash

#508,509 Pair oak, laminate