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PC SOFTWARE    This is version 4.2 of my Table Saw Miter Angles software and is compatible with any computer running Microsoft Windows 7 and below. Software version 4.2 is not compatible with Windows  10.  This software greatly simplifies making segmented rings using all three types of miters: stave, frame (flat) or compound.  I use this software on every bowl or vase I make.  Ring dimensions can be entered in fractional inches, decimal inches or metric (mm or cm).  For example, ring outer diameter can be entered as 1' 10-3/4" or 22.75" or 57.8 (mm).

The style of woodturnings I make is called segmented because the turnings are constructed from many pieces, or segments, of wood glued together. Each of my woodturnings start out as kiln-dried board lumber which I cut into mitered segments on my table saw.  Actually, any type of saw can be used to cut segments, including a miter saw or bandsaw.  Each piece is cut into one of the three types of miters: frame miters, stave miters or compound miters. The type of miter I cut is determined by the design of bowl or vase and I often combine two types of miters in a bowl. I glue the segments into rings, often with veneer between the segments. Then, I glue the rings together as per my design and mount it on my lathe faceplate or chuck for turning.

I usually start a project by sketching a design and then try to figure out how to make it. Since I generally make my woodturnings out of very expensive wood, I don't like to make cutting mistakes. I developed the computer program below to help me avoid those mistakes and help me plan project material quantity. This program makes all the necessary calculations to accurately cut the segments for rings of any diameter and up to 10,000 segments with minimal wood waste.

The graphic below is an actual computer screen print of Table Saw Miter Angles.

Software42_high.jpg (58KB)

One of the handiest features of the Table Saw Miter Angles program is that it calculates the length and width of the board needed to make a ring of mitered segments to your dimensions. In the example screen print above, I wanted to make a 18-sided compound-mitered ring for a new bowl using 3/4" thick lumber. I wanted the ring diameter to be 1' 8-3/4", tapering down to 8-1/2" diameter with a 25� side slope. This program calculated that the board should be 47-5/8" long by 14-1/2" wide. The program also calculated the cut width of each of the 18 segments and, of course, the table saw setup angles.

Features of this program include:

Table Saw Miter Angles software is designed for ALL Microsoft Windows versions, including Vista.




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